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How Radon Mitigation Works

Central Illinois has some of the highest radon levels in the country.  The goal of radon mitigation is to trap radon before it enters your home or commercial building and to give it a path to escape and harmlessly dilute in the open air.  Here’s a look at how it works.

Find the Source
Create an Exit
Give it a Path
Build the Vent & Seal
Suck it Out
Find the Source

Radon is trapped in the earth and will come into your home through the easiest path possible.  Usually through cracks in the foundation, sump pumps or crawlspaces.  Another way that radon enters is through older floor drains not equipped with a trap (as seen below). 

Create an Exit

Next, we build a system for the radon to exit the home.  We use only the strongest PVC tubing to create a path to vent the radon out of the home.

Give it a Path

Radon WILL come into your home… mitigation is deciding where it goes.  We drill a 3″ hole and then excavate (3) 5-Gallon buckets of dirt from underneath the foundation.  This might be the single most important step we take…. in fact, we wish every mitigator would go to this much effort (most don’t).  By creating a ‘pocket’ underneath the vent hole, it gives the radon somewhere to collect.

Build the Vent & Seal

Radon mitigation is like a building a vacuum.  We seal up the hole with a pipe that leads to the fan.  In the mean time, we seal EVERY crack we can get to. (Consider pulling up carpet if you have a finished basement. It’ll improve our opportunities to stop every spot that radon can come in.)

Suck it Out

We have a choice in the fans that we deliver to our clients. We use the best. Period. The Festa brand fans that we use are the quietest, most efficient, and longest lasting fans you can buy.  Sure you can buy a cheaper fan at your local hardware store, but is the health of your family worth saving a few bucks?  The fan sucks air through the tubes like a vacuum and drags concentrated radon up and away from your home. 

David Smith Radon Remedies is a family owned business that has been providing exceptional service in the radon industry since 1998.

In the years that we have been in business, we have installed over 8,000 radon systems and maintained a 100% success rate with customer satisfaction being our number one goal.
Our unmatched success and satisfaction is achieved by our great ethics, superior designs, top grade materials and most importantly our exceptional workmanship.

Building the radon path

Why Choose Us


At David Smith Radon Remedies, we pride ourselves on being neat and courteous. We always leave your home or business as clean as it was when we arrived. Special tools and filters are used on all of our jobs, keeping your environment free of dust and debris. David Smith Radon Remedies is the highest quality radon mitigation company in Central Illinois and maintains the highest standards for excellence in our field.

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I’m very pleased with the system, the installation and the installation crew! My radon level was reduced from 46.1 to 1.5. I highly recommend this company!

Don Schmidt

We were new in the area, and chose DSRR based on personal experience by our lawyer. We have engineering backgrounds, so know this is good to have done on our home. The installers took a day to install, did it to code, worked with us to make it compatible with what we needed in the basement (after all, it is a retrofit in an existing home), & cleaned up. In other words, clean, thrifty, brave, cheerful, etc…

Happy Customer

It was a pleasure working with DSRR throughout the process. Our initial radon reading was over 17 and after mitigation was reduced to 0.8. The crew was very professional and the system install was neat and clean. We can’t recommend them enough.

Steve and Sally Modine