Tim Feldman

On May 2nd, I had David’s crew, Brian and Nick, install a radon mitigation system in my crawlspace. Before I hired David’s company, I decided to learn something about installing a radon system in a
crawlspace. Anyone with a crawlspace should first educate yourself about what the radon system has to do to properly remove the radon.

A crawlspace is radically different from a basement when it comes to installing a radon system. The main issue is making sure the radon system is pulling air only from underneath the plastic or vinyl which covers the bare ground. If the ground covering is not properly sealed to prevent air leaks, the system will not function properly. Back in 2007, I had a waterproofing system installed in my crawlspace.
When I met with David to hear his proposal, he talked about the important aspects of the job. His assistant took pictures in the crawlspace and showed me what needed to be upgraded. These details
were exactly what I wanted to hear. Another company, who also gave me an estimate, never mentioned any of these details.

His crew did an excellent job installing the system. They took time to answer questions during the install. They cleaned up the area and showed me how the system was working.

My point is this; know what needs to be done to get the job done right. In some cases, this may mean spending a little more.